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Virginia Beach Fence Company
Wood Fencing

need a fence - here is the process

Honest Value ~ Never Fails

Virginia Fencing Professionals Free Project Consultation

(1.) 10-30 Min For Collaborating With A Fence Pro (2.) We Use Proprietary Imaging Software for Measurements (3.) Fence Pro Quote Created & Emailed (4.) Client Reviews Project Details

Estimate Acceptance, Scope of Work & Project Scheduling

(1.) Email Us Approving Your Quote (2.) A Va Fence Pro ~ Walks Your Project (3.) 60% Material Deposit Starts Project Coordination (4.) We Contact Miss Utility - Zoning - H.O.A's - Permits Office & Issue Your Start Date

Keeping You Informed During Your Project

(1). A Va Fence Pro Will Be On-site Daily Utilizing Cutting Edge Technology Keeping You Informed Until Your Fence Project is Completed to Your Satisfaction.(2.) We won't send a Final Invoice Until You Sign-off On the Quality of Our Craftsmanship. Honest Value ~ Never Fails

After Care & Warranty

(1.) Virginia's Fencing Professionals Industry Leading Warranty Guarantees Our Craftsmanship is Built to Last. (2.) We Honor Our Product With A 13-Month Warranty (3.) Seal the Deal by Hiring Virginia Beach Fence Company Natural Finish Fence Sealer 120 Days after Completion

Quality Built By Locals For Locals